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Strobe blue spot light

Strobe blue spot light, A moving blue spot  with strobe pattern.

Clearly shows the direction of travel.upgrade from blue spot,more safer than normal blue spot.

Forklift led stripes

forklift led stripes, perform like a turn signal light,

White color will be used for illumination,red color changed from white,to show direction changed.

Forklift truckspot

Forklift truckspot light, Is understood intuitively as a warning symbol,

To make warehouse more safer.

Forklift Arc Safety Light

Forklift arc Safety Light,To Projector a arc beam(Also called U beam) to warn the pedestrians to look out.

Forklift Halo Zone

Forklift Safety Halo,Red lines to create a safety zone to warn the pedestrians to keep out the danger.

Forklift Arrow Light

Forklift Arrow Light,To projector a arrow sign to warn the pedestrians the forklift is coming.

Forklift Blue Spot Warning Light

Forklift Blue Spot Warning Light,To projector a blue spot,To warn the pedestrians the forklift is coming.