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Blue Spot Light

  • Increasing safety in aisles and at crossings with poor visibility. 

  • A spot on the ground well ahead of the truck leaves plenty of time to move out of the way.

  • Can be used when driving both forward and backward.

  • Anti-glare, high-intensity light using low levels of energy.

  • Very low operating temperature,Long using life with more than 50000 hours.

  • Resistant to shaking, vibrations, and high-pressure cleaning.

  • No need for disruptive acoustic warning signals.

Easy installing, NO need any professional electrician skills

Just fix the screws& bracket on the Forklift and connect to power supply

Warehouse Solution

Multiple Models for Chosen

Model No.SP-L531SP-L321SP-L353SP-L522
Led ChipCreeCree25 daysCree
LED power20W6W20W10W
Voltage range10-80V DC10-110V DC10-80V DC10-80V DC
Lumen650 LM800 LM1000 LM850 LM
BeamBlue/Red spotBlue/Red spotBlue/Red spotBlue/Red Spot
Size98*78.5*75mm122*75*75.7 mm122*75*75.7 mm140*70*90 mm
Waterproof rateIP67IP68IP68IP68
LED lifetime50,000 hours50,000 hours50,000 hours50,000 hours
Housing Material100%Diecast Aluminum100%Diecast Aluminum100%Diecast Aluminum100%Diecast Aluminum
Operating temperature-45 ~85°C-45 ~85°C-45 ~85°C-45 ~85°C
Warranty2 years2 years2 years2 years
Carton Size47*26*30 cm46.8*30.6*29cm59.5*30.5*28.5cm59.5*30.5*28.5cm
Delivery time3-5 days25 days7-10 days3-5 days

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